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Log Home Kits

The Conestoga log home kit and its pre-engineered advantages means a more straightforward installation and the sooner you're living in your log home. Conestoga log home kits are diverse in style and size to meet the varied desires of the log home enthusiast. Square footage of the log home kits range from 1,232 sq. ft. to 2,288 sq. ft. – square footage does not include a basement which can potentially increase the finished living space of a log home.
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Conestoga log home kits utilize Everlast logs which are pre-notched at the corners, pre-cut at the window and door locations and pre-mortised for electrical boxes. All the engineered aspects of the log result in a simplified installation during the log stacking phase. The Conestoga log home plans also provide a coding system for each log to prevent uncertainty of log usage during the assembly. The engineering elements of Conestoga's log home kits combined with the factory coded logs, make them the ideal choice for those wanting to reduce assembly costs while realizing their log home sooner.

By clicking on the models above you'll be taken to a page that provides opportunities to view a larger image, floor plan and interior images, in addition to the ability to design your very own plan or alter one of the existing plans.

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